William J Schroer Principal

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“We are a small, highly flexible team with quick response capability, sophisticated knowlege and extensive experience in marketing, communications, research, and planning.”

Bill Schroer has an extensive corporate marketing background with Consolidated Foods, Stokely-Van Camp, Jeno’s Inc.and the Kellogg Company. He consults for a range of private and public sector groups.

He provides business strategy planning, organizational development planning, communications strategy and design, new business development and other management consultation.

Bill translates critical strategy questions into conceptual design and structure of quantitative survey questionnaires, is an experienced focus group moderator and develops unique research approaches to marketing and communications challenges. His background in communications theory and marketing provides a unique perspective for the value-added emphasis and relevance of research projects conducted for clients at WJSchroer Co.

Bill has a B.A. from the University of Wyoming, and a MBA from Western Michigan University. He has served with the U.S. Army as an instructor at West Point, and attained the rank of Major within the Army Special Forces Reserve. He has participated in Central American, and European operations.