About Us

The WJSchroer Company is a change agent working to assist corporations, communities, school districts and other organizations change behavior through changes in attitudes, belief systems and values.

While we offer many of the services you may find in other marketing consulting firms (See our Services listing) our difference is in the fundamental belief and resolve to align related underlying values, beliefs and folkways with marketing objectives. It has been our experience a failure to address those fundamental elements of the social milieu will result in an unstable foundation to build a framework for change, and ultimately a commensurate failure to establish the desired permanent changes to undesirable behaviors.

We believe the traditional marketer’s tools may be used to influence changes in behavior and lifestyles for the betterment of society and the achievement of ethical organizational goals. And, we have found that too often, attempts are made to change behavior without providing the changes in the perceptual and attitudinal landscape necessary for people to feel they have either permission or encouragement to make those changes.

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William J. Schroer